Best Broker award in the Netherlands again in 2018

Independent research by IEX, and Beursbulletin

BinckBank Awards


Binck has won the CashCow Award for best online asset manager at the Investment Fair, the annual public event for private investors. The battle was between Axento, InsingerGilissen and Binck.  In the end Binck took the lead and went home with the award. We are grateful and happy to receive this token of appreciation. It is good to know that we are on the right track and is the perfect reason to do even better in our future development as an online asset manager.

"Because of their accessibility, simplicity and convenience, our new management solutions are pre-eminently geared to this group of (new) customers who want to invest their money but do not want to be involved on a daily basis."

According to Jeroen Sonsma, director BinckBank Netherlands.
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Source: Cashcow Awards 2017


A great price! The independent study by IEX and Netprofiler looked to answer the question: "who is the best broker in the Netherlands?" The experts agreed and came to the conclusion: "Binck is the best broker."  It is a compliment for our developers and our customers who have helped with their suggestions to make the investor site even better.

All in all, Binck was assessed with an 8.1. A great achievement that we are proud of.

The verdict
Best overall broker = Binck
Best broker experts = Binck
Best investment app = Alex and Binck

More information about the IEX Netprofiler research can be found at
Source: IEX Netprofiler Internet Broker survey - July 2017


The costs of investing are listed in the July/August 2016 Consumentenbond Geldgids. This independent study shows that a neutral fund investor who invests € 100 per month in a neutral mix fund for 10 years receives the most advantageous results with Binck's All-in-1 Portfolios.

Investors can purchase the All-in-1 Portfolios without transaction costs thanks to periodic investments at Binck Fundcoach.

"An investor who automatically invests € 100 every month in a neutral mix fund for ten years turns out to be the most advantageous with Binck's All-in-1 Portfolio investing in a tracker .... .... The average annual costs are 0.43% on the invested capital."


Suppose an investor has € 5000 to invest with. Which bank or broker is the most logical choice? The answer is Binck. This emerged from the independent research by WUA! 400 respondents were asked to look for alternatives to their savings. Binck was identified as the best option for these researchers.

“Investing is perceived by many consumers as a complex matter. It is necessary to keep both the language and the story about the specific investment products simple in order to guide consumers with confidence to the finish line ... "

All the more reason to invest even more in 2017 in clear communication and an excellent digital experience.

Source: WUA! Web Performance Scan, November 2016

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