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Ever since its founding in 2000, BinckBank has been committed to helping investors. Not just the big players, but normal people who are frustrated with the financial institutions that have been managing it on their behalf, or those that simply want to take control of their own financial destiny.

It has been our mission since the beginning to make this a possibility, but also to make it as easy, transparent, safe and rewarding as possible. To achieve this we listened carefully to investors at all levels and designed our system around their needs, suggestions and also their frustrations with existing processes.

We continue to listen to the feedback of our clients, be it good or bad, though we’re very proud to say that it is overwhelmingly positive. Here are some comments from clients who have since become ambassadors for the BinckBank way of working.



"The more in-depth you go into learning to invest, the more interesting it gets. To be able to discuss my strategies with one of the account managers at BinckBank gives me the extra assurance I need."



"I can walk in whenever it suits me and have a coffee or a chat with the team. When I am back home I like to SKYPE with Martin, sometimes weekly, to discuss my investments."

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