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Sustainable Investing?

Sustainable Investing?

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WED 13-03-2019
Are you investing sustainably?
After the somewhat exotic subjects covered in other columns about investing in Bitcoins and Marihuana, this subject is rather surprising but certainly no less current: Sustainable Investing. It is, of course, agreeable for a company to say it is 'Sustainable'. Investors also say that investing sustainably makes it feel like an important investment. But what exactly is a sustainable investment? This is the definition according to the United Nations Principle for Responsible Investments (UNPR):
Environmental, social and governmental criteria involved in the investment process and the acknowledgment that these factors are necessary for the long-term functioning of economic systems.

Why invest sustainably?
Research (Morgan Stanley, 2015) has shown that sustainable investment funds perform the same or better than traditional funds.  Of course, you may want to invest in sustainable investments for reasons other than your return. Research within our customer base indicates that 50% of respondents are investing in sustainable funds and shares. Investing in renewable energy is most popular, with water and the environment just behind.
Forms of sustainable investment
There are several forms of sustainable investment. Here we highlight them, from the least to the most sustainable:
 1) Exclusion Organizations: This is of course the easiest way, for example, by investing in weapons or polluting organizations/shares;
2) Choose the most sustainable companies within a sector: Someone may choose a sector that is not sustainable, such as fossil fuel, but within that sector, the best is selected in terms of sustainability.
3) Selecting sustainability sectors: investing in new energy or recycling.
4) and finally, the direct financing of companies and organizations.
You can invest in the first three via the stock exchange and thus at Binckbank.

How sustainable is Binckbank?

It is of course also important to know the sustainable business management of your bank or broker. These are few examples of how our own organization is using sustainable methods in the running of our business: The cooling of the spaces and equipment in Amsterdam comes from deep layers of water. The warmed water then circulates back to the bottom layer. This natural process has a 75% CO2 reduction over conventional cooling methods. The printers are also carefully chosen to ensure 90% less waste and 30% less energy and CO2 emissions.

Are you investing sustainably with us?
Do you see opportunities for return on sustainable investments, or do you want to invest in sustainable projects on the stock market? At the Binck Investment Academy, you can invest every day with our investment experts.  Discuss your investment over a cup of coffee at our library.  You can just walk in (Urbanización La Carolina, Edificio Aries local N) or contact us via email at, phone +34 951 56 56 56 or Skype BinckBank Spain.

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