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The stock market as a power bank

Written by Taco te Gussinklo | 5 minutes
TUE 18-02-2020

It is becoming increasingly clear that the increasingly broader climate debate is also having an impact on the financial markets. Natural disasters and increasing costs to arm the world against global warming can have a negative effect, but at the same time there is also full investment in the energy transition, new energy sources and other climate solutions.

The energy sector has been an important part of the private investors' investment portfolios for many years, but in recent years more and more new companies have focused on sustainable energy and other innovations that can make transport, production and heating green, among other things.

Also noticeable is the rapidly growing interest of investors for companies that specialize in batteries, electric driving and other forms of smart energy storage.

BinckBank lists ten of these companies below. A selection that has not been made because we believe that you should invest in it directly, but which looked at what BinckBank investors currently mainly trade in.
The following companies are currently popular:

1. Alfen (Euronext: ALFEN / ISIN: NL0012817175)
The Dutch charging station producer Alfen operates from Almere and was listed on Euronext in early 2018. In addition to charging points for electric cars, the company makes modular energy storage systems and private electricity networks for, among other things, greenhouse horticulture.

2. Ballard Power (Nasdaq: BLDP / ISIN: CA0585861085)
This Canadian company develops and produces so-called PEM fuel cell products, which serve as energy sources for buses and trams, among others. The company has been listed on the stock exchange since the 1990s and was initially mainly active with lithium batteries.

3. Fastned (Euronext: FAST / ISIN: NL0010732244)
The Amsterdam Fastned started in 2012 with the aim of building and operating in a network of fast charging stations along main roads in the Netherlands. With the IPO in 2019, the company wants to accelerate this ambition and also become active in other European countries.

4. Fuel Cell Energy (Nasdaq: FCEL / ISIN: US35952H6018)
Fuel Cell Energy is an American company that develops fuel cells that can be used to produce electricity and heat from gas and now has more than 50 factories worldwide.

5. ITM Power (London: ITM / ISIN: GB00B0130H42)
ITM Power produces integrated hydrogen energy equipment to improve the use of renewable energy that would otherwise be wasted and specializes in electrolysers and hydrogen for fuel cell products.
6. NIO (NYSE: NIO / ISIN: US62914V1061)
NIO is also called the Chinese Tesla. The electric car builder operating from Shanghai has only been around since 2014 and got off the ground thanks to investments from companies such as Baidu and Tencent. Since the end of 2018, the company has been listed on Nasdaq.

7. Powercell (Stockholm: PCELL / ISIN: SE0006425815)
Powercell is a Swedish producer of fuel cells and originated in 2008 as a spin-off from car company Volvo. The fuel cells are used in, among other things, the car industry and shipping.

8. Plug Power (Nasdaq: PLUG / ISIN: US72919P2020)
Plug Power is an American company based in New York that develops and produces hydrogen fuel cells that replace conventional batteries in electric-powered machines and vehicles.

9. Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA / ISIN: US88160R1014)
The American electric car brand Tesla hardly needs any introduction. Although already started in 2003, the company has made a huge flight, especially in recent years, and is now worth more at Volkswagen on the stock exchange.

10. Varta (Frankfurt: VAR1 / ISIN: DE000A0TGJ55)
The German battery giant Varta has been running for more than 100 years and became particularly large through the production of car batteries. The company returned to the stock market in 2017 and in recent years has been investing primarily in mobile and micro batteries and other energy storage systems.

Do you want to invest in one of these shares?
Investing in the above shares is possible by investing yourself from BinckBank. You can easily find the shares on our Saxo platform via the aforementioned tickers and ISIN codes. Before you invest in individual shares, it is advisable to study these companies well in advance. After all, investing involves risks, your investment may be worth less.


Taco te Gussinklo

Taco was an active investor with BinckBank before he joined the team. He also writes finance columns for several magazines and websites. “Investing becomes much more interesting when you have enough knowledge. When I investigate my columns I always find a subject that will be useful to our investors so that they can put it into practice.” 

The information in this article should not be interpreted as individual investment advice.  Although BinckBank compiles and maintains these pages from reliable sources, BinckBank cannot guarantee that the information is accurate, complete and up-to-date. Any information used from this article without prior verification or advice, is at your own risk.  We advise that you only invest in products that fit your knowledge and experience and do not invest in financial instruments where you do not understand the risks. 

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