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Written by Nik Rainer | 5 minutes
FRI 12-04-2019
Investors who like to try something new will also be served in the coming months. Again, a number of prominent companies are in the wings to go to the stock exchange.

Levi Strauss a jeans manufacturer successfully completed last month, but also the taxi companies Lyft and Uber have stepped on the gas towards Wall Street. In Amsterdam the excitement of the South African Naspers grows around, which could suddenly become one of the largest funds of the Damrak.

For investors in individual shares, the new companies offer new opportunities for investing.

That is why we would like to keep you informed a few times a year about the latest stock market deputies, upcoming IPOs - initial public offering - and other new names roaming the stock market. The last group of course with a blow to the arm, but nice enough to report about.

That is why the second BinckBank IPO update of 2019 has already been presented here, with ten striking newcomers in a row.

Levis is not only hip among young people and other fashion lovers, but investors are also crazy about the jeans giant. On Wall Street, at least Levi’s Strauss was wearing the trousers when it went public at the beginning of March. The IPO was oversubscribed ten times and the items were quickly 30 percent more likely.

In Belgium, the Brussels-based securities company Euroclear is working on an IPO on Euronext, according to Belgian media. According to those reports, the custody company, which is still largely in the hands of a number of banks and the Belgian state, would be worth around 6 billion euros. The company is said to have hired Goldman Sachs to steer the step to the stock market in the right direction.

On the other side of the world, the Indonesian airline Lion Air wants to raise a billion dollars at an IPO scheduled for later this year. The announcement comes at a striking moment, now that the company is also closely involved in the discussion about the safety of the Boeing 737 Max. A Lion Air aircraft of that type crashed half a year ago.

Taxi company Lyft navigated to New York a little earlier than the big rival Uber at the end of last month and was on the Nasdaq price board for the first time on 29 March. On opening, the share immediately increased more than 20 percent, but the profit was lost again in the days that followed. In the first few days, the market value exceeded $ 26 billion, with 31 million new shares being issued.

Much has already been written about the planned IPO of the South African tech conglomerate Naspers on Euronext in Amsterdam. In particular, the market after Shell and Unilever in terms of market value could become the third company on the Damrak. According to media reports, the media group with interests in Tencent and OLX, among others, would represent a market value of around $ 100 billion.

In Italy they are also looking forward to a large IPO of payment service provider Nexi, which can be compared to the Dutch Adyen. Just as with Adyen, which doubled in value on the first trading day, expectations regarding the IPO of Nexi are high. The company may raise between 5 and 8 billion euros.

Pinterest now has no fewer than 250 million users according to media reports and that is why the online photo and record book now also wants to go to the stock exchange. The listing is, it is reported, officially requested and the group is said to want to raise around 1.5 billion dollars. Last year the company achieved a turnover of $ 756 million, a growth of 60 percent.

The Swiss train manufacturer Stadler is of a completely different caliber and has planned a stock exchange listing in its own country. However, major shareholders and chairman of the board Peter Spuhler wants to keep the majority of the company in his hands after the IPO. Stadler has so far sold eight thousand trains in more than forty countries. At the end of last year, the order book stood at 11.6 billion euros.

So where competitor Lyft has already taken concrete steps, it is of course a matter of waiting for Uber's gigantic IPO, which seems to be getting one step closer. There are no dates and details yet, except that the choice fell on NYSE and that the flotation of the taxi company might become one of the top 5 of Wall Street. The estimated market value is now around $ 120 billion.

Tech-unicorn Zoom is also in the wings to move on to Wall Street. The providers of video streaming and digital conference services already broke the valuation limit of 1 billion dollars in 2017 and hopes to raise at least 100 million dollars with a listing on Nasdaq. Make a profit

Before you decide whether or not to buy shares in these companies and / or subscribe to an issue, it is important that you weigh all available information. In addition to this article based on media reports, you can also consult the prospectus for this.


Nik Rainer

Nik joined BinckBank in 2016 as part of the team responsible for rolling out the Saxo Bank international service. Nik has held positions at various banking institutions such as Hambros Merchant Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and Morgan Stanley and brings his solid financial background to the role. Working with the development of new client services and relationship management, Nik also contributes to local publications and forums.

The information in this article should not be interpreted as individual investment advice.  Although BinckBank compiles and maintains these pages from reliable sources, BinckBank cannot guarantee that the information is accurate, complete and up-to-date. Any information used from this article without prior verification or advice, is at your own risk.  We advise that you only invest in products that fit your knowledge and experience and do not invest in financial instruments where you do not understand the risks. 

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