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BinckBank helps BEAT Cycling Club on its way

Written by Taco te Gussinklo | 5 minutes
THU 15-08-2019
Bank new strategic lead partner innovative cycling club

In a few years, BEAT Cycling Club has become the largest cycling club in the Benelux, with BinckBank going to help the club with their sporting ambitions and growth.

Within the partner agreement, BinckBank will also actively assist BEAT Cycling Club with the financial support of their top talents and talents. "

"Through the collaboration with BEAT, we are committed to an ambitious cycling club with inspiring top athletes and a fast-growing community of active and passive cycling enthusiasts," said Jon Thissen, Director of Marketing & Sales at BinckBank Netherlands. "In this way we contribute to making cycling even more accessible for millions of fans and cyclists in Belgium and the Netherlands and for our own customers and relations."

The strategic cooperation with BEAT Cycling Club underlines the special relationship with cycling. In terms of mentality, this fits in well with the bank and its investing customers, where ambition, initiative and the pursuit of (financial) independence are of paramount importance.

Since 2017, the bank has been the partner and name giver of the BinckBank Tour, the largest cycling round in the Netherlands and Belgium that will start for the third time on 12 August. In addition, several one-day events such as the E3 BinckBank Classic and the BinckBank Dam to Dam Bicycle Classic are supported.


Taco te Gussinklo

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