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Amsterdam Takeaway

Written by Martin Totté | 5 minutes
MON 08-07-2019
Thanks to the many meal services, a tasty meal at home is arriving faster and faster. Market leader Takeaway is also gaining momentum on the stock market. Less than three years after the young company applied for a listing on Euronext, the share is already promoted to the AEX.

From Monday, June 24, the company is part of the main stock market gauge of Euronext and occupies a place between other food giants such as Ahold Delhaize and Unilever.

A super-fast advance, although it is not surprising given the enormous growth that the - once started as - group is experiencing. With 44,000 affiliated restaurants in ten countries, the company accounted for no less than 94 million meal orders last year, according to figures.

Investors were particularly pleased with the rapid growth in turnover to 1.8 billion euros and a gross return of 240 million euros, which the company on Damrak is doing well. While Takeaway went on the stock exchange for 23 euros in 2016, the share even rose above 80 euros this month. Takeaway is now worth around 5 billion euros.

In a statement, founder and CEO Jitse Groen therefore welcomed the promotion to main course at the Damrak. "An important milestone, even though we are still at the start of development in our sector in which we will continue to play an important role in the future," said Takeaway boss, who owns around a quarter of the shares in has hands.

In addition to the rapid growth of the sector, the strong commissions that are being requested from restaurants are also increasing competition, as industry peers such as Deliveroo and mega-groups such as Uber, with UberEats, give a solid boost.

The fact that joins the AEX exactly in the summer has nothing to do with the peak in delivery meals in the holiday months. Where changes in the AEX usually take place in the spring, a spot was now vacant in between by the recently acquired Euronext chip card maker Gemalto.

Thanks to the promotion of Takeaway, pharmacist chair supplier Fagron is also moving to the AMX and ICT Group will be given a place in the AscX that is created by this.


Martin Totté

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