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10 Questions for one of our Investment coaches

Written by Nik Rainer | 5 minutes
FRI 05-04-2019
Peter Siks, 51, investment coach and co-author of 'Investing is not scary', Loves for a boring investment as a boring investment offers the best chance of good returns in the long run.


1. Why did you start investing?

"When I was 17 years old, a teacher explained how to trade with options. I found it very interesting that you do not have to buy shares with a lot of money, but you can also take an option on that share. That's cheaper and so you can participate on the stock market with little money. An interesting lever. After that, I kept thinking more and more about the markets. The mystique of the markets continued . I often advise young people not to go into derivatives, but to buy a fixed amount of worldwide spread ETFs every month. The secret of successful investment is spread, low cost and long term. Pretty boring so, but so effective.

2. Why are you now an active investor?

"I'm already actively investing passively. For my own pension and for my children, I invest in EFT's. Passive for the long term, because children are the future. In addition, I invest a small amount. "

3. What was your greatest success?

"The overall return I've had over the years. I refer not only to the successes you are discussing during the bubble. Like that afternoon, I deserved a color television as a beginner with an option position while I was on my surfboard. Nice, but there are always things that cost money.

"4. What was your biggest disappointment?

"That in March 2009 I did not realize that the AEX low point was around 200 points. As a result, I missed a great upside potential. '

5. How much time do you spend on investing?

"As a trainer, I am involved every day. Because if I'm on television at RTL Z, I should of course know what's going on. Because I mainly invest passively, I do not spend much time on my own investments. If you invest for the long term (25 years), annual re balancing and possibly descending are sufficient. And as your parent gets more from bonds on bonds. '

6. What is your investment style?

"In the past, I was more adventurous, but it is difficult to defeat the stock market with active investing. My style is mostly passive, but I sometimes walk somewhere for a couple of weeks. "

7. What is your biggest annoyance?

"The image of the stock exchange that many people have is wrong. Many people think that investing is a kind of casino, a way of gambling with a red head behind your PC. And in the media it's also about the short term, what share has fallen again and what will happen tomorrow or next week. That sounds exciting and sexy. In the US, where many people have to take care of their retirement, investing is much more common. And 50% of the money is invested in ETFs. That should be the case too. "

8. Which investor do you admire the most?

'Actually, every private investor who knows more by investing more than saving. People who are not fooled by the madness of the day. "

9. What do you expect from the stock market?

"That's a short-term question! If I said 6 years ago that German interest would be 0% or that ING would drop from 28 euro to 1.76, they would have taken me away in a trolley. In short: these are questions about the glass sphere, predicting special events. I understand the need to estimate the future though. But I only know one thing: that long term simply increases the stock market in 25 years.

10. What tip do you have for other investors?

'Keep an eye on the difference between long and short term. For 80% of investors, long-term investment in EFT is the best. That's cheap and you can spread well throughout the world. The small group that has extra money to invest actively may think of individual stockpicks, or derivatives.


Nik Rainer

Nik joined BinckBank in 2016 as part of the team responsible for rolling out the Saxo Bank international service. Nik has held positions at various banking institutions such as Hambros Merchant Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and Morgan Stanley and brings his solid financial background to the role. Working with the development of new client services and relationship management, Nik also contributes to local publications and forums.

The information in this article should not be interpreted as individual investment advice.  Although BinckBank compiles and maintains these pages from reliable sources, BinckBank cannot guarantee that the information is accurate, complete and up-to-date. Any information used from this article without prior verification or advice, is at your own risk.  We advise that you only invest in products that fit your knowledge and experience and do not invest in financial instruments where you do not understand the risks. 

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