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Binck Investment Academy offers you many ways to learn more about investing.  Our podcasts, available via Spotify and Soundcloud, cover the newest developments in the stock markets and in the economy. You can listen to them whenever suits you best!

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The latest podcasts - Porfolio Talk
BinckBank Spain director Kaspar Huijsman has made a demo-portfolio for the listeners of Talk Radio with a starting worth of €100.000. Every two weeks he gives an update on it's performance and explains the strategy and reasoning for his choices.

Episode 4 - 28 October
Episode 3 - 11 October
Episode 2 - 27 September
Episode 1 - 13 September


Date Subject Place
21/11 Training Session Financial Instruments for beginners II
22/11 Training Session Financial Instruments - advanced II
28/11 Extra income from your capital
03/12 How to make returns when the savings rate is 0%
12/12 DrinkEXCHANGE @Binck Café
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