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Of course you do – you invest your money to achieve a return – It can take a while before you have the experience and know-how to successfully navigate the opportunities and pitfalls of the stock market. The more expertise you have, the better your chances of achieving good returns on your investments. Our aim is to help fast-track your learning process and develop a solid strategy at our Investment Academy.

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Our team of experts is available to answer questions and provide the support you need when it comes to stock markets and investing. You can reach us by telephone, skype, email or make an appointment for a personal consultation.



BinckBank provides a series of videos that contain short, easy to follow tutorials on a wide range of topics for both beginners and advanced investors.


BinckBank Academy Seminars

Come to the Investment Seminars at the BinckBank office in Marbella. We cover a wide range of relevant topics that will help you gain investment know-how in a pleasant environment.

Invest in a way that suits you

BinckBank's mission is to enable our clients to realize their goals and ultimately to have control over their own finances. The philosophy behind the BinckBank Academy is in essence very simple: An investor who understands their investments will see this reflected in their returns. BinckBank meets hundreds of investors every year during seminars, open days, social drinks, sporting events and other (investor) meetings. Through these we educate our clients and guide them along their investment path. The Academy isn't just a physical location at our office. You can begin your quest for knowledge via Tutorials, Seminars, Webinars, Investment clubs, Articles and Videos all available here on our site.

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