Boys vs Girls

The investment challenge

Women are better investors than men

Did you know that apparently women make better investors than men?  BinckBank Spain part of Saxo Bank together with Talk Radio Europe have decided to put this concept to the test.  Stay tuned for BOYS versus GIRLS Portfolio Talk on TRE every other Monday starting on Monday 17th of February at 11.45 when presenters, Giles and Hannah, will take on the challenge of trading their portfolios and explaining why, with the help of their mentor Kaspar Huijsman, Director of BinckBank here in Spain. You can also join them near the end of the breakfast show (around 9:45) each Monday and Tuesday as they discuss Kaspar’s ideas and talk about what they are planning to buy or sell.

Will they play nice? You’ll have to wait and see!  The winner of the challenge will receive a donation of 1000 euro from BinckBank to a charity of their choice.  Hannah will be battling on behalf of AGE CONCERN and Giles for DEBRA Butterfly Children Charity.

If you'd like to keep up to date with how Hannah and Giles are getting on, please contact us and we'll send you the updates by mail. 

You can hear the show live every other Monday on 11.45hrs. Click here to listen to it at any other time. 

Let the challenge begin!
Hannah en Gil have their first chat with Kaspar Huijsman about the challenge they are starting. Apart from the rules and regulations, they receive some tips & tricks about investing.

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On the Mondays Giles and Hannah don't meet with Kaspar Huijsman, they have a chat about their progress. Mainly to try and find out how the other is doing...

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Hannah and Giles started investing, during the week when stock markets went down. Hanah made 3 investments, she found it scaring to do so she called Kaspar for help. She bought small amounts well spread stocks. Giles is trying to get info from Hannah but does not share a lot information about his own investment plans, just that he is thinking about oil and gold.

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Giles catches up with Kaspar Huijsman on the latest developments on the stock markets. A lot of red these days but that is not a reason to panic, there are chances. Giles is considering several options for his portfolio, one of them being investing in gold.


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Giles, Hannah and Kaspar catch up about their portfolios and the general situation at the stockmarkets. After the big crash there is some positivity on the markets again. Giles is doing slightly doing better and looking forward to ordering his virtual Lamborghini, which provokes the laughter of Hannah since there a couple of months to go and she feels confident about winning. 


Hannah Murray

Hannah Murray

Hannah takes on the challenge on behalf of the women. If she is the one making the better choices, BinckBank will donate €1.000 to Age Concern.

Giles Brown

Giles Brown

Giles will represent the mens' choices on investing. If he is the better investor, €1.000 will be donated to DEBRA Butterfly Children Charity.

Taking a break

Hannah and Giles felt they needed some extra guidance for their investments. So the last two shows were fully dedicated to the 
the actual situation, pitfalls and opportunities during this crash. 

Having more knowledge they picked up trading again this week and updated on the 6th of April. (see below)

Listen to the interviews with Kaspar Huijsman
23 March 2020
31 March 2020

BoysVersusGirls II
BoysVersusGirls III

Trading in financial products always involves a risk. The value of your investment may go down as well as up. As a general rule, you should therefore only trade in financial products if you understand the products and the risks associated with them.


Terms and Conditions

  • The competition will run for five months
  • The judges will give the results of the winner within 4 days of the close of the completion.
  • The Judges decision will be final
  • The winner will be informed that the 1000 euro will be donated to the winners charity directly by BinckBank.
  • BinckBank retains the right to change the conditions of the competition at any point, without notice.