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Why invest in Equity Portfolios?


saxoselect equity portfolios

  • SaxoSelect Equity portfolios can be easily set up in minutes within your Saxo account. 
  • Leave your investments to the experts so they can manage them for you 
  • Simply apply for a Trader GO or Investor account and Select the most appropriate portfolio for you and let Saxo Bank’s technology look after the rest
  • Exit whenever you choose.

Nasdaq Global Momentum


Min. Investment: USD 30,000

The Nasdaq Global Momentum portfolio selects high performing stocks in both developed and emerging markets (excluding the US).  Nasdaq’s experts use a time-tested method to spot “momentum” stocks that are experiencing positive returns and which are likely to remain strong.

Nasdaq DW Momentum
Nasdaq Global Momentum portfolio consists of 30 to 40 different stocks that are chosen using the price momentum method. Saxo Bank manages the portfolio in cooperation with NasdaqDW. The goal of this portfolio is to achieve strong returns over the medium to long-term and invest using Nasdaq DW’s technically driven methodology.

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Q4 2018 commentary

Saxo Morningstar Moat


Min. Investment: EUR 30,000

The Saxo Morningstar Moat Portfolio is a single stock portfolio that combines 30 quality stocks.  Morningstar Investment Management Europe Ltd uses their proven “value investing” methodology to identify quality companies.  They then purchase the most underpriced stocks of those companies which form part of your portfolio.

A portfolio of selected value stocks
The Saxo Morningstar MOAT® Portfolio is managed by Saxo Bank in collaboration with Morningstar Investment Management Europe Ltd.  This portfolio delivers investors with a medium to long-term investing horizon with a powerful investing opportunity in deep-value stocks which have displayed a strong competitive advantage.

Quarterly product sheet

Q4 2018 commentary

Saxo Morningstar High Dividend


Min. Investment: EUR 30,000

Based on the expertise of |Morningstar Investment management Europe Ltd, our Saxo Morningstar High Dividend portfolio is for investors looking to get exposure to the global stock market.
The goal of the portfolio is to provide stable dividend returns in the range of 3% and 5% on your investment, but please note this is not guaranteed. The performance objective is to outperform global stock markets over the medium to long term, including the MSCI AC world index, which is the benchmark for performance comparison.

Morningstar Investment Management Europe Ltd. Believes the key to superior long-term equity returns is finding companies with a sustainable competitive advantage, or "Economic Moat."
The Stocks held in your portfolio are re balanced on a half yearly basis and are replaced if appropriate with stocks offering stronger opportunities.

Brown Advisory-Thoughtful Investing

Brown Advisory Ethical Selection

Min. Investment: USD 30,000

The Brown Advisory Ethical Selection portfolio leverages Brown Advisory's long history of both equity and ethical investing

The portfolio invests in 30-40 U.S. stocks, whilst maintaining a strong focus on the ethical standards of the underlying businesses.

When identifying opportunities, the starting point is to exclude companies that do not meet strict ethical, socially responsible and governance (ESG) standards.

The performance objective is to deliver market beating returns, above the Russell 300 index by purchasing companies with an attractive price while not sacrificing performance by having an ethical focus.


Stronghold EUR

Min. Investment: EUR 30,000

The strategy is designed to maximize return under strict constraints on risk. Through a combination of predictions for return and risk across key asset classes the strategy dynamically changes exposure with a main focus on capital protection while aiming for return. The investment universe is 14 ETFs across equities, government bonds, credit bonds and alternatives.

All decisions are made systematically through algorithms with no human overlay except in the trade execution step. As a result the strategy does not have risk to behavioral biases. The strategy risks are mostly concerned around the programming and the model’s return predictions and risk estimation.

The strategy is implemented through discretionary accounts.

Risks when investing
Trading in financial products always involves a risk. As a general rule, you should therefore only trade in financial products if you understand the products and the risks associated with them. Investing in a fund with currency that differs from your account base currency carried the risk of  exposure to changes in the rate of exchange between them.  As a general rule, you should therefore only trade in financial products if you understand the products and the risks associated with them.

Quality & Expertise

Investment principles from leading experts are meticulously researched before stocks enter your Equity Portfolio. The combination of Saxo's technology and expertise in managed portfolios ensures you have access to a unique service.


Spread your risk across sectors and countries with just one click, using stocks that have been specifically chosen by experts.

Platform Control

Once your investments have been made, you can monitor them and stop them at any time at no extra cost.   Stay in control of your account via the investor platform.

Cost Effective

Saxo Bank’s award-winning technology offers you a portfolio management service only usually available to a select few.  Benefit from low costs compared to traditional wealth managers.